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Zendesk Neighbour Foundation chooses HeadStart London to Launch in the UK


The Zendesk Neighbour Foundation launched in the United Kingdom this month – June 2015 – by sponsoring the HeadStart London programme through a total gift of £150,000 over three years and commitment to offer youth employment opportunities.

The Zendesk team in London will provide 20 short-term, seasonal employment opportunities per year for young people participating in the programme. One of the HeadStart London apprentices will be offered a one-year contract to work for Zendesk in the UK. These opportunities will provide valuable work experience in the technology industry for young people looking to kickstart their careers.

“I’m delighted that Zendesk are partnering on the HeadStart London programme,” said Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. “As well as helping to tackle youth unemployment, Zendesk, as the programme’s technology partner, are playing a vital role in preparing young people for roles in this increasingly important and thriving industry in London.

“The HeadStart London programme is a shining example of how businesses can develop the employability skills of young Londoners through volunteering and professional workshops. I would encourage other businesses to follow their lead and make a real difference to the lives of the capital’s young people.”

The HeadStart London programme, delivered in partnership by The Challenge and Team London, seeks to address the challenges of youth unemployment and social segregation. It offers diverse groups of 16-18 year olds the opportunity to develop employability skills through volunteering and professional workshops, and then rewards their social action with interviews for entry-level paid work with partner businesses.

“The Zendesk team in London have a wealth of skills to offer the HeadStart London programme candidates and are really looking forward to helping young people take that next step up the career ladder,” said Tiffany Apczynski, executive director of the Zendesk Neighbour Foundation. “We have a rich history of supporting local causes in London through our active involvement with the COSMIC charity at St. Mary’s Hospital. We’re looking forward to continuing this with HeadStart along with our other charity commitments.”